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Welcome to SLTnet IPv6 Site.

We are proud to be the FIRST Internet Service Provider in Sri Lanka to deliver IPv6 connectivity to our valued customers.
As the pioneering and the largest national ISP of Sri Lanka, we are making all efforts to provide you with the best of technologies for the future.

Please check the "SerV6" (Services) menu for details of IPv6 connectivity options and related services that we offer.

Danger Ahead!

IPv4 address depletion is the major concern that drives the transition to IPv6 address space for Internet.

8th June 2011 - World IPv6 Day
SLTnet IPv6 Prefix

SLTnet connects to Global IPv6 networks

SLTnet is the First ISP in Sri Lanka to offer IPv6 connectivity

SLTnet connects the First IPv6 customer

SLTnet provides ipv6 to  Lanka Education & Reasearch Network (LEARN)

This is Probably the first public IPv6 web site in Sri Lanka

8th June 2011 - SLT is ready for the World IPv6 Day

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